Whether a project is for interior or exterior use, care is taken to ensure that your piece of art is made to the highest standard.  

No two pieces of my work are exactly the same.  I can recreate a shape and a color combination, but each piece created is an original.  As a result, I work with each client to interpret what they are trying to envision for themselves.

glue: I am a specialist of the "direct" method of mosaic and use a number of different bonding agents to complete a project.  My glue of choice is commercial Portland cement.

grout:   Grout is used to fill in the spaces between the tiles and strengthens the bond to the base.    Some mosaic artists feel that un-grouted work is more expressive, but I think grouting is when all the magic begins.  The grout I use is a pre-mixed polymer-modified, sanded or non sanded Portland cement and depending on whether the piece will be indoor or outdoor, can be formulated to withstand water penetration such as rain and humidity.  

Grout manufacturers' state that after 21 days damage from freeze is lessoned and cement " is suitable for outdoors so long as it is allowed to dry out slowly in frost-free conditions."    Still, if you live in a climate that has periodic freezes,  I would advise  protecting your tower  and taking it inside for the winter. 

sealing: I seal exterior and interior work. Sealing helps with  resistance to stains and discoloring,  can give the finished project  a nice luster, and can brighten or darken the color of the grout.  

mother nature: When I create work for the outdoors, I pay extra attention  to seams and water resistance, making certain that it will last.  Mosaic is especially great for the outside because it weathers beautifully, meaning it pretty much doesn't erode over time.  Here is Florida and in climates where you do not  have water freezing, expanding and thawing, these sculptures can be left outdoors year round.

I'm including these pictures to show you that my care and quality extend not only to what is visible but to the finishing touches as well.  On the left, is the back of the Sea Maiden frame before removing tape.    Above, after the tape has been removed.  At left, the underside is grouted to give the irregular stone edging a smooth finish.  See above.

This is a good example of how sealer can change the appearance of natural stone.


This project can be seen here:  Sea Maiden Logo

The frame is made out of cedar and will be mounted on a cedar bracket and attached to the wall with toggle bolts each rated to hold 50 pounds per bolt. The finished piece weighs 80 pounds.