kind words 2009 - 2010


Here are some of the thoughts and comments people have taken the time to say to me over the last couple of years.  It's great getting feedback  from potential clients and fellow artists.   (Your words are like finding a robin's egg in a nest. .. a real treasure.)    Andrée 

OH MY GOSH! ..I found your website and have not been able to stop ogling it since.  Your work is absolutely beautiful!  - 2011

Since I started doing mosaics myself and discovered your website, I have been visiting it regularly over the last few years. Your website is a never-ending source of inspiration! Your gallery and continuing projects are always interesting as are the links to other mosaic artists. 

Wildlife photography is another source of interest for me – you have made your property a wildlife refuge and have reaped the benefits of that – many birds, owls, etc. – what a lovely place you have!!! You have such a wonderful outlook on life and your part in it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in so many areas and for sharing it all with everyone! Please continue to do so!

Sarasota, FL - 6.2010

Eastern Screech Owl baby


Have a great nite and I hope your business is blessed beyond your wildest dreams. 6/18/2010



This afternoon I was looking around on your site and it was wonderful. Your work is amazing. I often surf for artists like you as my drive is in the same arena ... however ... I don't have the opportunity do work with mosaics as much as I'd like to. So I enjoy the crafty work of others. And yours is one I've enjoyed the most.
I loved the frog story but sad it had a sad end.

Andree, Thank you for being an inspiration!  I’ve just spent the last hour combing through your wonderful

-colorful- imaginative-joyful-mosaic creations!!  Having read that you are mostly self-taught is most inspirational to me!  

All the best to you, KM

8/5/09 - 3rd set of cardinal babies this year.

Hi Andree,
Well, POOH was FINALLY opened and asembled. And it is BEAUTIFUL!
I have copied Ona on this - because I know you like to note on your web site where your work "resides" .... hopefully Ona will confirm Pooh's location for you and maybe she'll even send you (us) a picture.
Of course, I am still enjoying Fantasmagoria.
Best wishes,  Jo 6/2009

Knowing very little about mosaics and searching the web for information, I came upon your website. The images of your work was like a breath of fresh air! Your creativity and attention to detail are fascinating and result in high quality and unique pieces. I am motivated by you, a self taught artist, who has accomplished so much. Continue to be yourself and enjoy life.
Best wishes, Kathy Adams

Thrasher  2008

Hi Andree, I just wanted to tell you, your work is soo beautiful!  Hope to see some of your work, when I get home.

Stone Art
By Roseann Desiderio
Amman, Jordan