kind words 2008

Here are some of the thoughts and comments people have taken the time to say to me over the last couple of years.  It's great getting feedback  from potential clients and fellow artists.   (Your words are like finding a robin's egg in a nest. .. a real treasure.)    Andrée 

I have just spent the most wonderful three hours, wandering thru your website, looking at the videos, going back to special places!  It seemed like minutes and I will come again. I followed a long trail from a newsletter called Dave's Garden to forums and notes and links etc and suddenly I was, like Alice In Wonderland, in this amazing place. ...thank you for your beautiful things and sharing them on the web for others to be inspired by.  Katherine


Nice Note!

Your house felt like a mini-oasis while I was canvassing door-to-door, so peaceful and soothing.  I'm glad that you are sharing your work with others.


I am fascinated by your mosaic gallery and the variety of projects that you have displayed.   I am a Florida native, a master gardener, master naturalist (partially), birdwatcher, environmentalist, and an all-round lover of wildlife and the outdoors as well as a recent mosaic crafter (I have only been doing mosaics for about a  year and a half and haven’t done very many projects but I love doing it and hope to expand my horizons as time permits).  I have piles of future projects in my garage.  Everything I look at, I envision in mosaics; every do-dad I see I look at as a possibility!  Your mix of mosaic art and the natural world is just the combination that intrigues me and inspires me.  I have spent, literally, hours on your website looking at every picture and going to many of the links you provide.  I never knew there were so many mosaic artists out there.  Thank you for sharing so much information!!!

Thank you, again, for producing such an extensive website.  You are an inspiration!  Belinda

Hi Andree - I hung my Lulu Tu in the front garden today and it is amazing!!!  Pictures just don't do it justice, but I took some anyway and posted them to my blog ...  
Thank you SO MUCH for this lovely creation!  I am absolutely thrilled : - )
Thanks!  Diane

You have the most interesting, beautiful art on your website, it's so mystical, breathtaking, intriguing, imaginative, whimsical, there aren't enough colorful words to describe the feeling of awe, I felt just looking at the pictures, I'd love to see these items in the sunlight, in your garden, it makes me feel like a child again .

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for sharing your imagination and artwork , I just recently started doing mosaic art, from seein

g it in a magazine article and was surfing the web looking for different ideas and techniques when I came across your site, I can't wait to share it with my friends who are also getting engrossed with the art of mosaic,  you've really set my heart soaring on a high that gives me reason to keep going with my new found hobby. 

I'm looking forward to your next update, I couldn't get enough. Keep up the wonderful, spirited work, and like you, I have a garden for the animals, birds and all other living creatures that want to live there, and never thought of adding the elements you have. I have the bird feeders, pond, and all the store bought stuff, but nothing I created, you gave me insight to what is needed as eye candy

 :)  respectively, J.B. of Flagler Bch. Fl.

I woke up one morning to this really wonderful note.  Imagine taking the time to be so generous in praise of someone's efforts.  It helped give me more steam for getting outside and once again doing mosaic in our Florida heat!!!!

I have just taken an enchanting tour of your website… oh – what a wonderful break it provided for me! J. - 4/2008

Passion Vine Flower

…and it is absolutely amazing and inspiring.  I fairly recently became addicted to mosaics.  Your work is fantastic, freeing, spiritual, fun, beautiful!  Thank you for sharing.

Al. S. - San Diego, California

This was a lovely note to wake up and read.  Thanks so much! A.

Just stumbled upon your site looking for some information on putting mosaic on a bowling ball.  Your work is wonderful, and have enjoyed looking through your galleries. You are an inspiration.
Thanks Jeri/ Portage, Mi. 4/2008