order information

Order Information

All my work is individually hand made, so depending on which piece you would like, please allow a couple of weeks from completion to delivery of product. 

Everything requires a 50% deposit, with the balance due before shipping. If you chose to pay all at once that's fine as well.   Items for sale on the website require payment in full before shipment.  Items cannot be picked up, but we do ship the least expensive way possible.

When contacting me to order a piece of art, either ready made or commissioned, please provide me with the following:

Full name (first and last), address, city, zip and phone number.  This is purely for shipping purposes and will not be shared with any entity.

Towers are custom crated to save money.

Shipping Fees

The shipping fees are separate and are not included in the price of the piece, but we will do everything we can to minimize your costs and to ensure that your product arrives safely and in one piece.  We are crate in-house, as professional fees to accomplish this are very costly. We call this our "Cajun" make do with what you have and recycle method.  So far it's worked well.

We will notify you of this cost once we know where you need to have your order shipped.  Please provide city, state and zip code.

Payment Information

I accept Acceptance Mark and personal checks.  Just let me know what you would like to order or have made and I will generate an invoice to you through Paypal.

Return Policy

In the unlikely event that an item arrives broken, call me.  I can refund your purchase. Nothing has arrived broken though, I must say, ever.


We hold your orders and all your information in the strictest confidence and will not ever share your full name, email address, mailing address or any information provided by you with any other individual or company.