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Title: Giving Back #198
My dog Annie passed away last July and my neighbor Richard built her a casket and even lined it!  This is a 12-inch orb with yellow to match his house, blue to match his Plumbago, and red to pick up the color of his bougainvillea.
Diane is actually making two orbs. This one is a gift.  She's very good for a beginner.


Notice the little glass butterfly on the top.

This orb is the size of a basketball and is hanging from the tree in my front yard.
This is Sandy's orb. She give me a quilt for my new bedroom and this is my thank you for her.  She's even doing the work!

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Beths' daughter Caroline made me this for Christmas.  It's one of my favorite pictures of my screech owls.  A baby sleeping.

B-6000, waterproof glues, P V A glue, epoxy, clear silicone,

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