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Title: Ches Les Poisson #187

(Among the Fish)

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12/25/08 - I've chosen a name that my relatives have all helped me with so it is very special to me. Ches Les Poisson.  Now in French this means "Among the Fish."  The Cajun's phonetically pronounce the word Poisson, as du pwa son!  This has been approved and agreed upon by all Cajuns going back to my Godmother (who is 97!)and so it is to be:  Ches Les Poisson.

10/8/08 - This is a new project that's going to be lot's of fun.   It's an eclectic fish mural to be placed in the kitchen as an art element, not as a backsplash to the stove, which a lot of what people typically do.  We're currently in the initial phase of picking colors, fish, and designing the artwork. This is very much going to be a collaboration between client and artist. This was a long distance project, which worked out pretty well.

11/28/09 - Here is the finished mural, grouted in "Fawn!" 

3/26/09 - This is the design we will be working with.  The water lines will be incorporated, as well as sea grass and the fish air bubbles.  The size of the mural is 2.5' x 4', will be on hardi-board, and mounted to the wall.

Murals new home!

12/09 - Getting the mural centered in it's special spot.

11/28/09 - All in all this project took over 154 hours of physical actual laying of tile.  Plus, many long distance emails, phone calls, consults and lots of laughter.  It does not take a year to produce a product of this size.  Let's just say, it evolved in between the events of our lives. And that's ok.

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