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mosaic gallery 19b - garden mirror art

Mosaic Gallery 19b - #186 - #14 - Title: Spring Time Pixie

My client wanted Spring Time Pixie to make her mom think about spring time coming while she is up north recovering from a knee replacement. 

We wanted something "light and bright." 

 "I remember when I was visiting the other winter that it had snowed a lot the night before and had warmed up to just above freezing before morning.  This left lots of icicles hanging in the trees. As the sun rose and shown through them it was beautiful, like diamonds shining.  The light reflected off of them and mom said it looked like ice pixies."




Description:  This yalaha has the most lines of any one I've made, except Songcatcher.  One center line of stained glass. Six interior and six exterior.  Although the top is only 6 inches across I was able to shorten the width and length of the lines to get that many on there.  I think it worked out fine.  Most of the colors are summery with just a hint of red, like a cardinal on a branch in winter. 




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