Wednesday, January 22, 2014 mosaic gallery 9 - art for the wall

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Corporate Logo

Company Logo

Bella Mermaid

Mosaic drawing showing direction/pattern of mermaid tile

Here is a picture of the mermaid using a hand drawn visual combined with Paint Shop Pro. 

11/2/06 - My current project (#155) is a commission for Sea Maiden Pools.  I've been asked to mosaic their logo on a 3' x 4' frame to hang in the lobby of their corporate headquarters.  I'll be showing my progression as the project unfolds.

The lobby which has colors of tan and teal will also feature the beautiful bronze mermaid sculpture above.

My objective is to coordinate our custom piece of art with the mermaid and lobby colors and add a beautiful art element to their entrance.  She will be magical with colors of the ocean, teal, deep marine blue, greens, bronze metallic smalti and coral, but also elegant.  Mirror glass and shell will also be incorporated. 

11/2/06 - Frame is completed and logo to be drawn on after final approval. I'm working on putting tile on the sides at this point. Tile procurement is the critical path.

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