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mosaic mermaid corporate logo in progress

The water area under and over the wave will have wider joints toward the tail to incorporate more of the grout color to enhance the warm colors of Forest Green, Lakeside, Cyan, Sea green and Emerald purchased from Mosaic Art Supply.   

The mermaid and the letters below have been partially grouted to hold them in place, as the joints are less than 1/8th inch thick.

12/14/06 - I'm in the thick of it now.  I have tile everywhere working with color combinations!  

Tile has been thoughtfully placed in many different directions to create movement.  The mermaid appears to burst out of the water due to direction; the hair is tight and almost touching to create a sense of flow and to establish it's design separate from the water.  

The crown incorporates a lavender blue metallic glass tile and a dark turquoise glass smalti which looks very exotic.  The tips are pieces of mirror with tiny pieces of the coral color that's also in the tail and chest area.


mosaic lettering

This is what a light grout haze looks like. Notice all tile has been meticulously  placed  in a vertical direction.

Arm before:  Playing with tile combinations of four tile colors.

mermaid arm completed

Arm after:  Achieved by chipping, nipping, grinding each individual piece.

See Quality page for construction details.


Page a1, 1,  23,  4 5


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