mosaic gallery 8 - stepping stones

 "Magnolia"    #140  - Stepping Stone                                                   

Magnolia Image

3/22/04: This commission consists of a stepping stone that will have the company logo of Hortus Oasis.  The logo is to the left.  A beautiful magnolia flower. 

Drawing on Stone

3/24/03 - Flower drawn on stepping stone.  80% of the tile  on this project will be hand  nipped, and in some cases, the edges beveled.

Tile work beginning

4/3/04 - Outlining of petals is completed.  Decided to add a touch of coral to the center of the flower.  Adds a bit of punch and will compliment the petal colors, as well as pick up the green leaves.

Mosaic in progress

4/12/04 - Petals are completed. I'm working on the leaves which have turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated.    After much deliberation, the leaves will not be outlined, but I will show the inner veins.  This will give the illusion of a larger leaf.  

Mosaic Completed

4/25/04 - Here we are.  Tiling completed at last.  Grouting should begin in about a day or two. We've decided on a non sanded bone grout color as the joints are really tiny.

Finished Mosaic Project!

5/3/04 - Completed work.  24" stepping stone. Bone colored non sanded grout.  Click  for  larger view of installed project.


This is the reward of cultivating a garden and establishing a wildlife habitat.   You don't want to mess with a momma Thrasher!  They'll fly down and nip you on the head if they feel their baby is threatened.  This little guy was right outside our front door standing on one of my orbs.  The momma was nearby giving us the evil eye.

2008 - Baby Thrasher